Exhibition: Persevere and Conquer – Pierce’s Foundry, Wexford’s World Famous Industrial Giant

Exhibition: Persevere and Conquer – Pierce’s Foundry, Wexford’s World Famous Industrial Giant
Heritage Week 2020 at Johnstown Castle, Estate, Museum & Gardens, sees the opening of a special exhibition on the remarkable, international story of Wexford’s industrial giant, Pierce & Co.
There is a perception that the Industrial Revolution in Ireland was largely confined to the northern city of Belfast. This exhibition will right that wrong and highlight the fascinating history of Pierce’s Foundry, a Wexford company which, through innovation and perseverance, rose to international acclaim.
Like all great Wexford stories, it starts by the sea. James Pierce, born to a blacksmith in the pretty coastal village of Kilmore, was planning to seek his fortune thousands of miles away in Argentina, but was saved from emigration by salvaging a shipwreck. Blacksmiths were the manufacturing heart of their communities, repairing, inventing and responding to the needs of other tradesmen and households with innovation and creativity. It is no wonder then that James Pierce managed to salvage the seemingly unsalvageable from the infamous seas of South Wexford; the wonder is how he used this opportunity as a springboard to create a world-renowned industrial giant in Ireland’s Ancient East.
This great company may no longer exist in its physical form but it lives on in the hearts, minds and homes of both the people of Wexford and of industrial history aficionados all over the world who proudly restored and display Pierce products in their public and private collections.The Exhibition will be officially launched on Saturday, 22nd of August, please see our website and social media for further details.Invitation for submissions for the exhibition: If you have a family story, pictures or artefacts relating to Pierce’s please get in touch so we can add your story, copy images etc. with your permission to add to our archives ensuring that this industrial giant is never forgotten. Call us on 053 9184671 or email info@johnstowncastle.ie
When: August 15th seven days a week 9am – last admission 4.30pm Where: Irish Agricultural & Folk Life Museum
Cost: Free to members. Included in general admission fee for day visitors.