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Join us at Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens to immerse yourself in active learning about Irish heritage, culture, and biodiversity!

Learning For All Ages

At Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens, learners of all ages can engage in active discovery in a stunning setting. Johnstown Castle Estate’s stories, museum collections, architecture, and natural environment all help to bring topics from history, art, and science to business and literacy to life.

Our thought-provoking creative exercises and hands-on activities spark curiosity and deepen understanding of Irish heritage, culture, and the natural world. Bring a school tour to Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens for rich experiences that support multidisciplinary, cross-curricular learning. We will also be delighted to design programmes and learning activities to create an exciting day out that will be fun as well as educational for your group.

Planning Your School Tour

We can help plan the details of your school tour, from your timetable and activities to your catering arrangements. Pre-book a snack or lunch for your group in the Peacock Café, where there’s plenty of room for more learning activities, as well as relaxation. You can also ask us for advice on fun things to do near Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens.

Contact our Team to begin planning an exciting day of active learning about Irish heritage, culture, and biodiversity!

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