Our Sister Properties

We are proud to be part of the Irish Heritage Trust, which manages and cares for Johnstown Castle Estate, Museum & Gardens, as well as our sister properties.

The Irish Heritage Trust is a non-profit organisation responsible for conserving and some of Ireland’s most prestigious heritage houses and gardens, as well as museums, and sharing them for the enjoyment of all.

Take the time to visit and explore these elegant historic homes and the gorgeous estates that surround them, as well as our intriguing museums, to gain fresh insights into Irish heritage and culture and make the most of their wonderful collections and events.

Fota House, Arboretum & Gardens


See the exquisite art and gorgeous objects collected by the Smith-Barry family over the centuries at Fota House, Arboretum & Gardens, and relish the atmosphere created in the opulent rooms and vast servant’s quarters of this Cork mansion.

Fota’s exquisite gardens, with their restored glasshouses and original arboretum, also delight visitors throughout the year!

Strokestown Park House & Gardens


A tour of Strokestown Park’s Palladian House offers intriguing clues about Irish experience in centuries past for people living vastly different parallel lives.

Visit the galleried kitchen, its charming nursery, and school room and soak in the atmosphere created by its faded grandeur and rich collections, before heading outdoors to enjoy Strokestown Park’s gardens, woodlands, and family-friendly trails.

National Famine Museum

Strokestown Park, Roscommon

At the new, immersive National Famine Museum on the stunning Strokestown Park estate, visitors can explore the parallel lives experienced in Ireland’s darkest times by 19th-century landlords, tenants, and cottiers.

The interactive displays and compelling exhibitions in this extraordinarily moving museum encourage visitors of all ages to engage with famine, past and present.

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