All Day

(SOLD OUT) Evening Bat Walk

Johnstown Castle Estate

IMPORTANT DATE INFORMATION: 27th April at 20.15, 25th May at 21.00, 29 June at 21.15, 27 July at 20.45 and 31 Aug at 20.00. As the sun begins to set over Johnstown Castle and the visitors leave, many animals are settling down for the night. But around the lakes others are just coming to life!...


Yoga at Johnstown

Johnstown Castle Estate

Alanna is a Yoga Teacher with a background in Mental Health Nursing. Combining her experience of working in the field of mental health with yoga teachings, Alanna takes a considered...

Meditation at Johnstown Castle

Johnstown Castle Estate

Everyone experiences times of worry and stress in their life.Now, more than ever before, we want to feel calm, focused, and confident in ourselves. Practicing meditation can help clear away the mind’s chatter. Studies show that meditating even for as little as 10 minutes increases relaxation and decreases anxiety and depression! Meditation increases happiness, reduces...